Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

5-5 Board of Directors History

SCA’s original bylaws provided for a two year term of office for both the President and the Vice President and a joint Secretary/Treasurer position. The growth of the membership and the amount of work involved in running the organization resulted in the 1977 revisions which included the following changes, effective for the 1978 elections: 1) Division of the Secretary/Treasurer position into the two offices of Secretary and Treasurer, 2) Reduction of the President’s and Vice President’s term to one year, and 3) Establishment of the Vice President as President-elect. As of 1993 incorporation the Council designation changed to Board, and in 1995 a Director-at-Large position was changed to be Membership Director with a term of two years.

In 2015 changes to the California Nonprofit Corporations Code resulted in a change to SCA’s bylaws such that the Immediate Past President became a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Ad Hoc Steering Committee (formed July 28, 1971)

Steering Committee (formed October 19, 1971)


Vice President (and President-elect after 1978)

Secretary/Treasurer (position divided 1978)



Membership Director (new position 1995)

Board (Council) Members

Immediate Past President (Voting member after 2015)

Revision history: 4/90 nlb, 1/91 nlb, 6/92 jab, 5/93 jab, 4/94 ppa, 7/95 ppa, 6/98 lgr, 10/05 lo, 7/08 jtm, 1/11 lo, 7/12 tep, 5/14 tep, 01/2017 llc, 06/2017 llc, 06/2018 llc, 04/2019 llc, 05/2019 llc, 01/2022 ck, 03/23 lm

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