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5-4 Awards History

Sustained Service Awards

Sustained Service Awards are given to recognize service to the Society of California Archivists over a period of twelve years. They were first awarded in 1991.

1991 Initial Awards - 20th Anniversary  
  Dr. Larry Burgess
  John Cahoon
  Anne Caiger
  Chuck Wilson
1996 Second Awards - 25th Anniversary  
  Sue Hodson
  Bonnie Hardwick
1997 Shirley Stephenson.
  Helene Whitson
  Teena Stern
1998 Waverly Lowell
  Susan Searcy
1999 Peter Blodgett
2001 Jim Hofer
2004 Dorothy Mackay-Collins
2006 Lynn Downey
2008 Lucinda Glenn
2009 Patricia Johnson
  Gabriele Carey
2010 [not awarded]
2011 [not awarded]
2012 Paul Wormser
2013 [not awarded]
2014 Jennifer Martinez Wormser
2014 Laura O’Hara
2016 Teresa Mora
2017 Robin L. Chandler
2018 [not awarded]
2019 David Keller
2020 [not awarded]
2021 Ellen Jarosz
2022 Eric Milenkiewicz

Archives Appreciation Award

Sponsored by Metal Edge, Inc, the Archives Appreciation Award is presented to an agency, organization, or institution which has provided support for archival programs. This includes both processing and reference programs as well as exhibit presentations. However, agencies, organizations or institutions with in-house archival programs must show support of these programs.

1998 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
1999 Florin Japanese American Citizens League
2000 A.K. Smiley Public Library
2001 Walt Disney Company
2002 The Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy
2003 Friends of the Yolo County Archives
2004 The Automobile Club of Southern California
2007 Bakersfield College and Bakersfield College Archives Association
2008 Levi Strauss & Co.
2009 Riverside County Assessor Office-County Clerk-Recorder
2010 Idyllwild Area Historical Society
2011 Paloheimo Foundation
2012 Solano County Historic Records Commission
2013 California Historical Society
2014 Mission Inn Foundation
2015 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority
2016 Computer History Museum
2017 Anita Caspary Archives/Immaculate Heart Community
2018 [not awarded]
2019 Los Angeles Archivists Collective
2020 [not awarded]
2021 L.A. as Subject
2022 Anaheim Public Library and Heritage Center

James V. Mink Scholarship Award

Scholarships are awarded each year in honor of James V. Mink, long-time archivist at UCLA and the first President of the Society of California Archivists. The Mink Scholarship promotes the professional development of students preparing to become archivists or archivists who have recently graduated by providing support for attendance at the AGM and a pre-conference workshop.

1987 Suzanne Forsyth
1988 Susan Coffman
1989 Debra Rogenmoser
1990 John Gutierrez
1991 Janet Wadley
1992 Martha Olivera
1993 Sydney Nelson
1994 James Eason
1995 Theresa Saputo
1996 Debbie Henderson
1997 Jennifer Martinez
1998 Su Kim Chung
1999 Steven Frame
2000 Kendra Van Cleave
2001 Marisol Ramos-Lum
2002 Andrea Leigh
2003 Jessica Moran
2004 Gigi D’Amore, Brandon Metcalf
2005 Sara Roberson and Jennifer Osorio
2006 Paul Sevilla, Claudia Holguin
2007 Debbie Bahn, Cyndi Shein
2008 Rebecca Crowther
2009 Jessica Knox
2010 Michelle Wallen
2011 Sarah Clothier
2012 Sara Seltzer
2013 Kimberly Mitchell
2014 Joanna Chen
2014 Karen Raines
2015 Jessica Maddox
2016 Mary Priest
2017 Jade Finlinson
2017 Patricia Delara
2018 Jessica Tai
2019 Ashley Evans Bandy
2020 Jiarui Sun
2021 Grace Muñoz
2022 Dieter Mackenbach
2022 Brock Stuessi

Career Achievement Award (established 2011)

2011 David Smith
2012 [not awarded]
2013 Larry Burgess
2014 Chuck Wilson
2016 Lynn Downey
2017 Peter Blodgett
2018 [not awarded]
2019 Jim Hofer
2020 [not awarded]
2021 Gabriele Carey and Catherine Powell
2022 Brian Tingle

Special Recognition Awards

2003 Metal Edge, Inc. for its continued support for SCA and its programs
2006 Nancy Zimmelman for her long-term service with the Western Archives Institute
2015 Julie Graham, for 15 years’ service as On Site Coordinator of the Western Archives Institute
2016 Dee Dee Kramer, for distinguished service as Education Committee Co-chair
2016 Katie Richardson, for distinguished service as Education Committee Co-chair
2017 Chuck Wilson, for distinguished service as Awards Committee Chair
2017 David Keller, for distinguished service as Government Affairs Committee Chair

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