Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

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4-1-4 Journal of Western Archives


The Society of California Archivists participates in the Journal of Western Archives (JWA) by providing start-up money, a representative to the Editorial Board, and the names of potential peer reviewers.

The roles, responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities of SCA and its representatives to the Journal are under development as the Journal starts.

Editorial Board Representative

Individual Editorial Board members will be selected or appointed by the governing bodies of participating regional archival associations in the western United States, such as: the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists, the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists, the Northwest Archivists Inc., and the Society of California Archivists. Each representative western regional archival organization will select or appoint at least one Editorial Board member for a renewable term of three years. A member of the Editorial Board will be selected to serve as Managing Editor and another Board member will be selected to act as the Layout Editor/Technology Specialist. Board members will be responsible for: review of assigned articles, submission of those articles to peer reviewers, management of the peer review process (including the selection of peer reviewers), participation in Board meetings, solicitation of content for the journal, and marketing the journal to their association.

SCA’s representative to the JWA Editorial Board is an ex officio member of the Publications Committee.

Peer Reviewers

The Board shall provide names of potential peer reviewers to the SCA representative to the Editorial Board. The Board should seek to present a balance of publication experience, areas of expertise, and range of types of institution.

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Journal of Western Archives Business Plan, Version 2.3, December 2009

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