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4-1-3 California Historical Records Advisory Board


The California Historical Records Advisory Board (CHRAB) was established in 1976 in response to federal regulations that require each state to have a historical records board in order to participate in the grant funding program of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC). As the central advisory body for historical records in California, CHRAB is authorized to carry out statewide planning and assessment activities, act as a coordinator to facilitate cooperation among historical record-keepers within the state, and serve as a state-level reviewer of NHPRC grant applications.

The CHRAB is composed of a state coordinator, appointed by the Governor, a deputy coordinator, and eleven additional members. Representatives from the California State Library, California Department of Parks and Recreation, Society of California Archivists, California Association of Museums, and California Conference for the Promotion of History serve on the board. In addition, there are members representing universities and colleges, local governments, and the records management community. Three at-large members complete the board. A majority of the members must have demonstrated experience or interest in the collection, administration, and use of historical records.

In partnership with NHPRC, the CHRAB works to serve the needs of California constituencies involved in the management and preservation of historical records. Under federal regulations, the Board has two principal roles:

  1. Acts as coordinating body for historical record activities statewide
  2. Reviews NHPRC grants from California organizations and makes recommendations to the National Commission.

SCA’s Role

The SCA President appoints a representative to serve on CHRAB. SCA also co-sponsors an award with CHRAB, the Archival Award of Excellence.

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