Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

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4-1-1 Affinity Groups


According to the Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of the Society of California Archivists is to “support and sponsor educational programs and other activities to encourage and advocate the identification, collection, preservation, use and appreciation of historic records and manuscripts.” The five objectives listed in the 1997 Bylaws call for SCA to act as a vehicle for dissemination of information about archival collections and issues, provide a forum for discussion, develop and support archival education programs, cooperate with individuals and other organizations on matters of common concern, as well as advocate historical records as listed in the purpose. Affinity Groups formed within SCA help to fulfill the purpose and objectives of the Society

  1. An Affinity Group is defined as a group that forms around a common archival collecting focus (i.e., religious archives) or format (i.e., audiovisual collections), and which exists to provide networking and educational opportunities.
  2. Though recognized by SCA as an integral entity which works toward the fulfillment of the Society’s purpose, an Affinity Group is not a committee of SCA. Groups will not have Chairs appointed by the SCA President, nor be included in SCA’s budget.
  3. SCA may provide Affinity Groups meeting time and space at the Annual General Meeting. Non-SCA members will not need to register if they attend only the Affinity Group meeting, but will be required to pay appropriate registration fees if they attend any other function other than the Affinity Group meeting (i.e., sessions and workshops).
  4. When an Affinity Group is formed, notice should be given to the SCA Board of Directors. The Secretary will list groups by name (and dates when known) in this section.
  5. Affinity Groups will be responsible for:
    • a. Their own organization, however formal or informal they choose to be.
    • b. Deciding how to choose their leadership and membership.
    • c. Meetings (other than at the AGM) or activities they may wish to have, deciding their frequency, location, purpose, and content.
    • d. Developing and maintaining group mailing lists and for informing their membership of meetings or activities.
    • e. Conducting all group business, including assessing and handling any fees. Groups must adhere to the stipulations of SCA Articles of Incorporation concerning the 501(c)3 status of a nonprofit public benefit corporation.

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