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3-15-6 WAI: Program Subcommittee

General Description

The Program Subcommittee plans and presents the Western Archives Institute each summer. The committee is chaired by the Administrator, and the Program Coordinator is a standing member. Three (3) additional subcommittee members are appointed by the Management Committee Chair in consultation with the Administrator and Program Coordinator. They serve staggered 3-year terms, with one new member joining the committee each year as another member rotates off. The Program Subcommittee works in close consultation with the WAI Management Committee to prepare and plan the program of each year’s institute.


  1. Manages the operation of WAI with the Management Committee.
  2. Makes recommendations to the Management Committee for online instructional tools for the program.
  3. Reviews contracts and licensing agreements with vendors for online instructional tools.
  4. Identifies and selects Principal Faculty Member (PFM) for each program, approved by the Management Committee.
  5. Works with PFM to determine which sessions the PFM will teach each year, and which will be taught by adjunct faculty.
  6. Identifies and selects adjunct faculty members from within the broader professional community.
  7. With PFM, prepares and presents a draft program schedule to the full Management Committee for discussion and approval.
  8. Reviews and updates publications list as needed in consultation with the Management Committee.
  9. Reviews and assesses WAI curriculum every 5 years.

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