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3-15-5 WAI: Program Coordinator

General Description

The Program Coordinator is the liaison between the students, faculty, and WAI Management Committee. The Program Coordinator is a standing member of the Program Subcommittee, and is responsible for the daily operations of WAI while the institute is in session.


  1. Manages the operation of WAI with the Management Committee.
  2. Serves as a standing member of the Program Subcommittee (see 3-6).
  3. Maintains contact with the Administrator and Program Subcommittee before and during the program.
  4. Begins and ends daily program sessions, confirms students’ attendance, supervises site visits, and disseminates and collects session evaluations.
  5. Is available to students at all times during the program. Facilitates camaraderie among participants, including faculty.
  6. During program:
    1. Goes over Statement of Expectations and House Rules
    2. Uploads course materials to the Learning Management System at least 48 hours in advance of sessions.
    3. Makes announcements at beginning and end of sessions, and asks if there are any technical or other problems.
    4. Serves as Zoom host for live meetings with control of the waiting room, passwords, private chatting, screen sharing, muting, etc.
    5. Shares links to session evaluations with participants.
    6. Reminds participants of submission deadlines for evaluations.
    7. Liaises with support technicians as technical problems arise.


The Program Coordinator will receive an honorarium to be determined by the Board of the Society of California Archivists, provided the Program Coordinator does not receive financial support from his/her institution to participate in WAI.

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