Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

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3-15-4 WAI: Associate Administrator

General Description

The Associate Administrator acts as the deputy chief administrative officer for the Management Committee. The Associate Administrator is appointed by the State Archivist, and is an ex-officio / non-voting member of the Management Committee except when acting as chief administrative officer in the absence of the Administrator.


  1. Manages the operation of WAI with the Management Committee.
  2. Participates in meetings of the Management Committee.
  3. Acts as chief administrative officer when the Administrator is unable to do so.
  4. May participate in WAI opening and closing ceremonies, as necessary.
  5. Provides support to the Program Coordinator during the program.
  6. Prepares student application form and application package.
  7. Prepares and sends out publicity for WAI including announcements that the application period is open each year, and other brochures, flyers, and press releases.
  8. Assists in preparing communications for students that are sent in advance of the program including sending admission letters, Learning Management System information, virtual meeting information, and publications.
  9. Assists in preparing communications for faculty in advance of the program.
  10. With the Administrator, maintains WAI records.
  11. Shadows WAI Administrator as needed in preparation to take on that role.


WAI will reimburse the Associate Administrator for reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out these responsibilities.

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