Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

3-14-1 Newsletter

General Description

The SCA Newsletter is the official voice of the Society, and is overseen by the Publications Committee. It carries professional news; reports the Board’s actions; announces Society meetings, seminars, workshops; and informs members of other archival issues and events of interest. The Newsletter is provided free with membership.

Copy deadlines and publication dates are as follows:

Copy Deadline: Publication Dates:
November 25 January 1
February 25 April 1
May25 July 1
August 25 1 October 1

Newsletter Editor

The editors and advertising coordinator are appointed by the Publications Committee Chair with the approval of the Board. The editors and advertising coordinator are subject to the policies and procedures set by the Board.

Production Responsibilities

  1. Produces the Newsletter quarterly, in accordance with the publication and editorial guidelines and standards set by the Board.
    • a. Solicits news items from SCA members, committee chairs, officers, and other relevant parties.
    • b. Requests input and editorial direction from the Publications Committee Chair on an as-needed basis.
    • c. Compiles, edits, and designs the Newsletter and arranges for its printing and distribution to members. A graphic artist may be hired to produce the Newsletter, at a cost to be approved by the Board.
    • d. Solicits advertising from allied organizations and vendors. See related Handbook sections for details on advertising rates and sizes for camera-ready copy.
    • e. Includes in each issue of the Newsletter:
      • i. a calendar of upcoming events of interest to the membership. This calendar should include dates and locations of upcoming SCA Board meetings.
      • ii. a copyright statement as follows: “Copyright [current year] by the Society of California Archivists. Requests to republish or distribute copyrighted material in the newsletter should be directed to the Chair of SCA’s Publications Committee.”
  2. Reports activities to the Publications Committee Chair in anticipation of the Board’s quarterly meetings. An annual budget for the Newsletter as well as a final accounting of the past year’s expenditures and activities should be submitted to the Publications Committee Chair prior to the Board’s Fall meeting. This report will be included in the Publications Committee’s annual report.
  3. Keeps records of expenses and forwards receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
  4. The editor should review other allied organizations’ newsletters for content and format ideas.
  5. Sends non-current records, as well as a complete printed set of the past year’s newsletters, to the SCA Archives.

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