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3-12-4 Responsibilities of SCA Officers and Board of Directors

This summary was created for distribution to potential nominees for positions on the SCA Board.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, composed of the four officers and three other directors, constitutes the governing body of the Society.


The President serves as leader of the society, prepares agendas for and presides at quarterly Board of Directors meetings and the Annual Members Meeting held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), serves as an ex officio member of all committees and appoints committee chairs, except the Nominating Committee, with Board of Directors approval.

At the conclusion of the President’s one-year term, they become Nominating Committee Chair for the following year and for that same year remains on the Board as Immediate Past President.

Vice President

The Vice President assists the President and stands in for them as required. The Vice President serves as Program Chair for the society’s AGM. In this capacity they appoint and chair a committee to plan and present the Annual General Meeting. The Vice President conducts an audit of the Society’s accounts as set forth in Bylaws IV.2. The Vice President holds office for one year and automatically succeeds to the presidency the following year.


The Secretary is entrusted with correspondence and recording for a two-year term. They keep the Minutes of Board of Directors and Members Meetings, maintain copies of all reports and business transacted by Board of Directors, and report to Board of Directors at each meeting.


The Treasurer serves a term of two years. They are responsible for making all necessary and approved collections Responsibilities of SCA Officers and Board of Directors and expenditures and for keeping complete written records of all financial transactions of the society. The Treasurer prepares an annual budget, a quarterly report to Board of Directors, and an annual report to the membership. Other responsibilities of the Treasurer include advising Board of Directors on financial matters, filing yearly tax-exempt reports to the IRS, and reimbursing Board of Directors and other members for approved expenditures.

Membership Director (As of 1995)

The Membership Director is that member of the Board of Directors designated to recruit new members to the society, to maintain official membership roll, send packets of information to new members, and to maintain the membership mailing lists and labels. The Membership Director provides a set of mailing labels to SCA committees on request and to non-SCA members on payment of appropriate fee; produces quarterly membership reports and an annual Membership Roster; and reports to the Board.


Each Director serves a term of two years. It is the responsibility of Directors to attend quarterly meetings of Board of Directors and to participate actively in the work of the society and its committees. Specific duties/responsibilities may be assigned by the President.

Reimbursement of Expenses

Travel expenses for three of the four yearly Board of Directors meetings are reimbursed by the Society; travel to the Board of Directors meeting held in conjunction with the AGM is not reimbursed, since it is expected that anyone in a service position to the Society will attend the annual meeting. However, one hotel night at the AGM may be reimbursed if an extra night’s accommodation is necessary for Board meeting attendance. The Board of Directors members may also request reimbursement for photocopying, telephone calls, and postage used for Society business; and for other expenses with the Board of Directors approval.

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