Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

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3-12-3 Candidate Suggestion Form

20XX Election

The Nominating Committee can make use of a print or online form in order to solicit nominations for the elections slate. Nomination forms should include the following fields:

  1. Nomination deadline
  2. Name of Nominee
  3. Nominated for: [position]
  4. Nominee’s previous SCA service
  5. Name of nominator

The form should also state all nominees must be SCA members in good standing (no unpaid past dues, or interruption in membership for the past three years), and that information about the various positions and their responsibilities can be found in the SCA Handbook, sections 3-11 and 3-11-4.

Revision history: 10/05 jlm, 06/09 jbr, 06/2017 llc, 10/2017 llc, 04/2019 llc

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