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3-11-1 Vice Chair for Member Activities

General Description

The Vice Chair for Member Activities will serve on the Membership Committee. This volunteer position will coordinate member-initiated events, assist in the development of local or regional social networking chapters within the Society of California Archivists (SCA), and act as the contact for event planners or chapters within SCA.

Member-initiated events may be proposed and organized by individual member volunteers, or by informal local chapters of SCA. Chapter development will be determined by the concentration of members in a designated geographic area, and local interest. Regional chapters will be encouraged to form with the goal of organizing and carrying out local events. Events may include social gatherings that are structured or unstructured, planned or spontaneous, as members see fit. Activities can include gatherings at local restaurants, museums, and other recreational venues. More structured professional development events with speakers or panels may also be presented, with support as outlined in SCA’s Member-Initiated Events program.

The Vice Chair for Member Activities will serve as the contact person for any member or regional chapter that wants to organize a local event with SCA support. The Vice Chair will forward proposals or enquiries to the Board, communicate between the Board and local organizers, and maintain brief records and reports regarding sponsored events.

The Vice Chair for Member Activities is appointed by the Membership Director and approved by the President.


  1. Coordinate communication around member-initiated events with organizers.
    • a. Receive, review, and forward proposal forms to Board.
    • b. Communicate approval, budget, and any Board requests to organizer.
    • c. Assist organizer in finding additional volunteers if requested.
    • d. Forward organizer’s event announcement and reminders to the official SCA membership email list and to the ECC to be posted to SCA social media forums.
    • e. Establish any honorarium or other payment details, and request check or payment from Treasurer before event.
    • f. Receive sign-in sheet from organizer after the event.
    • g. Receive reimbursement receipts and forward to Treasurer.
    • h. Send “thanks for attending” and “consider joining SCA” email to attendees after event, on behalf of SCA.
    • i. Receive brief informal event report from organizer, and forward to Board.
  2. Assist Membership Committee in development of new informal regional social networking chapters across California.
  3. Solicit ideas for regional activities from SCA members, and present summarized ideas to the SCA Membership Committee.
  4. Communicate with regional chapters to encourage interest and participation and to propose new events or activities.
  5. Help regional chapters to coordinate implementation of events by assisting regional Chapter Coordinators with member event registration, set-up, and support.
  6. Act as point of contact for the regional Chapter Coordinators to the SCA Membership Committee and SCA Board.
  7. Provide information to the SCA to be used on regional chapter web pages to disseminate information and facilitate local communication.
  8. Assist Membership Committee with member needs assessment.

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