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3-6-1 Education Committee Workshops

General Description

The Education Committee develops and presents archival education workshops to be sponsored by SCA. These workshops are generally:

  1. regional fall programs—one Northern, one Southern
  2. spring programs—alternating Northern and Southern in the opposite region of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) location
  3. specialized workshops to be offered as opportunities present themselves or as demand requires

The topics for the workshops are determined by the Committee based on input from the membership and opportunity. It is recommended that a basic archival workshop be offered from time to time.

Basic Archival Workshop

It is recommended that this workshop be co-taught by an archivist working with public records and an archivist working with historical manuscripts. The workshop should address three major questions:

  1. What are archives and manuscripts and why are they important?
  2. How do we preserve and make them available?
  3. What is needed to create an archival program?

Among the topics discussed are: archival principals and methodology, developing a collection policy, relationship between archives and records management, selecting an archivist, donor relations, legal issues, planning programs of arrangement and description, access policy, security, conservation concerns, facilities management, financial resources, outreach. (Note: This workshop is not a practicum on how to arrange and describe records.)


Site Selection & Local Arrangements for Regional Workshops

Site Selection & Local Arrangements for AGM or Western Archivists Meeting Workshops

Relevant to Both Regional and AGM or Western Archivists Meeting Workshops



Items to Delegate to Education Committee Members

Workshop Kit

Items required in the past, useful, or simply wanted (and didn’t have) on the day of the workshop:


Items that worked in the past for morning or afternoon refreshments:

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