Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

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3-5 Development Committee

General Description

This standing committee pursues fund raising in support of the activities and programs of the Society, through both member gifts and outside funding sources.

Composition of the committee and terms of office are defined in Handbook section 3-1 and governed by the Bylaws.


General responsibilities are outlined in Handbook section 3-1.

  1. Conducts an Annual Fund Drive each late spring/early summer, via a mailing soliciting donations from all members. All donations are acknowledged promptly with a letter from the chair to the donor. An article recognizing donors is placed in each issue of the Newsletter. Money raised is used to support honoraria and expenses for special speakers at the Annual General Meeting and scholarships, although the Board may review and amend the application of this money, and additional uses of funds shall be identified when the balance in the Annual Fund grows sufficiently to support such uses.
  2. Implements other fundraising campaigns, as appropriate, for special programs or activities, or to commemorate anniversaries, etc.
  3. Identifies and approaches appropriate outside sources of funds, such as foundations, for support of special programs or activities.
  4. Manages vendor relations for the Annual General Meeting: a. Invites vendors, allied organizations, or local institutions to co-host the opening reception or refreshments during the meeting breaks. b. Sells exhibit space to appropriate vendors and allied organizations. c. Sells advertising space in the AGM program (using Newsletter fee structure, see Handbook 3-13-1-1) to help defray AGM expenses. d. Coordinates with the Local Arrangements Committee to ensure exhibitor needs are met by conference hotel.
  5. Encourages members, especially those in corporate settings, to pursue matching fund donations from their employers.
  6. Encourages members to designate SCA as a legatee, through a deferred-giving program.
  7. Coordinates its activities and endeavors with other committees, as appropriate.

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