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3-3 Awards Committee

General Description

The Awards Committee is comprised of a chair appointed by the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, two Past Presidents (preferably to include the Immediate Past President) and at least two persons from the SCA general membership appointed by the President. A Past President currently serving on the Board may not be appointed chair.

Current awards include: The Sustained Service Award, the James V. Mink Scholarship Award, the Career Achievement Award, the Walter P. Gray III Scholarship, the Archives Appreciation Award, the Lynn A. Bonfield Professional Development Award, the Advancing Equity: Graduate Education Scholarship, and the Advancing Equity: Continuing Education Funding.


General responsibilities are outlined in Handbook section 3-1.

  1. Publicizes awards offered by SCA through announcements in the Newsletter and through appropriate communication channels.
  2. Establishes a deadline for awards nominations to be sent to the committee chair.
  3. Distributes nominations to committee membership.
  4. Evaluates and selects winners from nominees/candidates for each award in each category on the basis of written award criteria. Note: Criteria policy or eligibility questions are directed to the Chair or Board for clarification.
  5. Notifies awardee and other nominees/candidates for each award in each category.
  6. Announces awards during the SCA Annual Meeting.
  7. Writes articles for the Newsletter regarding awards and awardees.
  8. Develops ideas and reviews suggestions for new awards.
  9. Develops criteria and guidelines for awards, and makes recommendations to the Board.
  10. Recipients for the following awards will be guests of SCA at the AGM Awards Luncheon and will receive a complimentary lunch:
    • Archives Appreciation Award (maximum two lunches may be awarded),
    • Sustained Service (one lunch awarded),
    • Mink (up to two lunches may be awarded),
    • Advancing Equity: Graduate Education Scholarship (one lunch awarded),
    • Career Achievement (one lunch awarded),
    • and Archival Award of Excellence (co-sponsored by CHRAB) - one lunch for individual awardee and up to two lunches for organizational.

These costs are to be listed as committee expenses, and should be reflected in the Awards Committee’s annual budget request.

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