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3-3-7 Lynn A. Bonfield Professional Development Award and Guidelines

The Lynn A. Bonfield Professional Development Award is designed to provide Society of California Archivists members in good standing with financial assistance for related in-person training and educational opportunities that are independent of SCA sponsored events. The scholarship is named in honor of Lynn A. Bonfield, an early convener of the SCA. In formulating this scholarship, similar continuing education scholarship programs were consulted, including those offered by other regional archival organizations.


  1. Intent: The intent of the scholarship is to promote professional development of non-student SCA members with limited means for continuing education. Recipients may use the funds for in-person workshop fees, travel in California or out of state, meals, and lodging.
  2. _Budget and Limitation_s: Multiple awards may be made each fiscal year, up to a total annual budget established by the Board, generally $2,000. The maximum award for one individual for one educational event is $1,000.
  3. Publicity: Notice of scholarship availability will be publicized by the Awards Committee in SCA publications, on the SCA website, and to relevant listservs. The application form is available on the SCA website.
  4. Applicant Eligibility: Eligibility is limited to any non-student SCA member in good standing who is currently working in the field but receives limited to no institutional support for continuing education expenses. To be considered for the Award, each candidate must submit an application form (including a proposed budget), resume or curriculum vitae, personal statement, and employer’s letter of recommendation by the deadline established by the Awards Committee and published on its website. Preference will be given to mid-career professionals. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Award recipients are not eligible to apply again within the calendar year. Unsuccessful applicants may apply for additional events within the calendar year, with no prejudice. Awards Committee members are not eligible to apply.
  5. Event Eligibility: This award is for in-person educational events. This award will not fund travel to events held in states where the State of California has prohibited state-funded and state-sponsored travel. This award allows for non-“traditional” archivist training if that training would directly relate to work success.
  6. Review Process:
    • a. Candidates’ applications will be received by the Awards Committee Chair, or designee, who will administer the award and review applications as received.
    • b. The Awards Committee Chair, or designee, will determine that the applicant has demonstrated need and has appropriately estimated expenses.
    • c. Upon identifying an award recipient, the Awards Committee Chair, or designee, will contact the SCA Membership Director to confirm the active membership status of the candidate. The Awards Committee Chair or designee will also contact the Treasurer to verify that adequate funds are available.
    • d. The Awards Committee Chair, or designee, will present the qualifying application(s) to the Awards Committee via email, for committee approval by majority.
    • e. The Awards Committee Chair, or designee, will inform the award recipient and will notify the Treasurer when the award is accepted. The Awards Committee Chair, or designee, will convey to the recipient that they are responsible for submitting an article for the SCA newsletter after the educational event concludes. In the event that the initial awardee declines the scholarship, the next qualified applicant will be granted the award. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified once the allotted funds are reserved. The scholarship may only be used towards the designated event.
  7. Payment of Scholarship: Following the recipient’s acceptance, the Awards Committee Chair, or designee, will submit a completed SCA Expense Form to the Treasurer for payment. In the event that an award has been granted in one fiscal year but is not paid out until the next fiscal year, those allocated but unspent monies will roll over to the new year and not be counted against the new year’s budget.

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