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3-3-1 Archives Appreciation Award

General Description

Sponsored by Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc., the Archives Appreciation Award is presented to an agency, organization, or institution which has provided support for archival programs. This includes both processing and reference programs as well as exhibit presentations. However, agencies, organizations or institutions with in-house archival programs must show support of these programs. This engraved award is presented on an occasional basis as appropriate nominations are received and approved.


A candidate must be an institution, agency or organization which has shown evidence of support for an archival program. This support may be for an in-house archival program, or for external archival programs or activities. This could include financial support, support for exhibits, support for collection maintenance or development, or similar activities. Each nominator must submit a letter detailing the scope and depth of support activities to the Chair of the Awards Committee. Letters must be received no later than 10 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Awards Committee Responsibilities

  1. Notifies membership of the availability of the award and solicits nominations. Applications for selection by the committee are due approximately two months before the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Distributes nominations to Awards Committee members.
  3. The committee conducts a vote on the nominees.
  4. Notifies award designer of the appropriate wording for the award including:
    • Name of Sponsor: Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc.
    • Name of organization: Society of California Archivists
    • Name of winner:
    • Date of presentation:
    • Name of Award: Archives Appreciation Award
  5. Receives award from designer and transmits invoice to Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc.
  6. Presents award at Annual General Meeting.
  7. The cost of the recipient’s Awards Luncheon meal is a committee expense, and should be reflected in the Awards Committee’s annual budget request (maximum two lunches may be awarded).

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