Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

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3-2 Advocacy and Public Policy Committee

General Description

This standing committee is responsible for promoting advocacy in response to key issues that may impact archives, diversity, and the role of archives and archivists within society. The committee monitors legislation and policy, political appointments and governmental funding agencies, and political issues of interest to archivists. It makes recommendations to the SCA Board in regards to formal statements by the Society and implements the resulting action, as approved by the Board. The committee facilitates access to resources that will aid archivists in advocating for the profession in the aforementioned matters. The committee serves as a key resource for apprising members of news, events, discussions, and information relevant to archivists, associated professionals, and archival repositories. The committee communicates its findings to the membership via the SCA Board, the Newsletter, special mailings, and the annual members meeting. It also orchestrates special projects on an as needed basis.

Composition of the committee and terms of office are defined in Handbook section 3-1 and governed by the Bylaws.


General responsibilities are outlined in Handbook section 3-1.

  1. Monitors legislation and public policy issues of interest to archivists.
  2. Monitors larger issues of diversity, parity, and inclusion within the profession.
  3. Informs the SCA Board of issues and recommends a course of action.
  4. Informs SCA membership of political developments, and situations that call for advocacy, through the Newsletter, the annual members meeting, and special mailings if necessary.
  5. Coordinates, on an as-needed basis, special projects that address issues of concern to the larger archival profession.
  6. Maintains a copy of the SCA Handbook, and recommends revisions of the Advocacy and Public Policy Committee section to SCA Board when needed.
  7. Forwards non-current records of the committee to the SCA Archives at the end of the year.

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