Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

2-7-1 Calendar: Membership

Month(s) Task
January/February Board meeting
February/March Provide list of active members to Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) for Annual General Meeting (AGM) registration
February/March Plan new member events for the AGM in coordination with the LAC
April/May Board meeting and Members Meeting at AGM
April/May Provide membership pins at the AGM to the incoming president, the outgoing board members and committee chairs, the chair of the Awards committee for Mink Scholarship winners and the WAI Administrator for WAI award recipients.
June Become familiar with Wild Apricot and the membership renewals
June Update any emails with current board signatures (Membership Director and/or President
July/August Board meeting
July 1 Export online membership database into a standardized digital format for long term preservation
July 1 Remove all member profiles that have had a member status of “lapsed” for more than two years from the active online membership database
August 15 Process all memberships awarded to WAI participants
September 1 Provide list of all active members from previous membership year to the Communications and Outreach committee chair for Archives Month poster distribution
October/November Provides committee chairs with a list of names and contact information for new/continuing members who have expressed an interest in committee work
October/November Board meeting

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