Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

2-5 Treasurer

General Description

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions of SCA, for keeping an accurate record of those transactions, and reporting to the Board of Directors and the general membership on the financial condition of the organization. The work of collecting, disbursing, and accounting for funds may be delegated by the Treasurer; however, the Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the delegated activities are properly carried out and the reports are accurate.

The election procedure and term of office of the Treasurer are described in the Bylaws, IV.3.


  1. Makes all necessary collections and expenditures for SCA according to established policy.
  2. Keeps complete written records of all financial transactions:
    • a. Maintains accounts for SCA general funds, Education Fund, Mink Scholarship Fund, SCA Speakers Fund, the savings account, and any other special funds.
    • b. Ensures completion of authorized officer signature cards to be filed with each financial institution overseeing SCA funds.
    • c. Reconciles monthly bank statement and check register.
    • d. Performs data backups of computer data on a regular schedule.
  3. Retains all bills, receipts, invoices, and check register, as required by law and as identified on the organization’s records retention schedule.
  4. Assists the Board of Directors in preparing the annual budget.
  5. Prepares quarterly statements of conditions for general and special funds, and a quarterly budget report to be presented at Board meetings. Submits copies to the Secretary for inclusion with the minutes.
  6. Prepares annual statements of condition for general and special funds (2-5-11), distributes copies at the AGM Members Meeting, and makes a verbal report on the same. The annual statements of condition may also be published in the SCA Newsletter.
  7. Prepares an annual cost of membership report (2-5-4) at the close of the fiscal year, to be distributed to the Board of Directors.
  8. Advises the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to SCA’s finances, and the expenditure and collection of funds.
  9. Gives appropriate records, as demanded by audit procedures, to the Vice-President at the first Board meeting after the close of the fiscal year.
  10. Files governmental reports and forms, as necessary, in a timely manner and in accordance with the Treasurer’s calendar (2-5-3). Updates calendar as needed to ensure compliance with ever-changing filing dates and form numbers.
  11. Serves as chair of the Finance and Investment Committee.

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