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2-5-8 Reimbursement Policy

General Description

Reimbursements to Board members, Committee chairs, and others as approved by the Board, are made on submission of a Reimbursement Form, with associated receipts. The form should include information regarding the date, names of persons involved, nature of business, and where to send payment.

For all SCA travel and overnight lodging, the most economical means are to be used. Arrival and departure times should be planned to accommodate the scheduled meeting times.


Budgeted Expenses: Expenses projected in the annual budget proposal that the Board has reviewed and approved.

Unbudgeted Expenses: Expenses that have not received prior approval from the Board, including expenses in excess of those approved in the budget proposal for a particular activity, and are treated as follows:

  1. Expenses up to $25 required for conducting official SCA business may be incurred and claimed without prior approval from the Board.
  2. Expenses of $25 through $100 must receive prior approval from the Treasurer.
  3. Expenses of $100 through $150 must receive prior approval from the President.
  4. Expenses over $150 must receive prior approval from the Board.


Board members are reimbursed for travel and lodging (meals excluded) to quarterly Board meetings (with the exception of the meeting that is scheduled at the annual general meeting for which only one night of lodging may be reimbursed, and no travel), as well as other expense items approved during the budget process.

Committee chairs and members are reimbursed for budgeted expenses used in the course of performing committee tasks.

In the event that a scheduled meeting (Board, task force, committee) ends two hours prior to its originally scheduled time, SCA will pay up to $50.00 of the cost of changing travel arrangements. Should a meeting run past its scheduled time, thereby causing a change in travel plans, SCA will reimburse the entire fee incurred. SCA requests that the most economical means of transportation are obtained and that the arrival/departure times are planned to accommodate the scheduled meeting times.

Mileage reimbursement will conform to the IRS tax code.

Committee chairs must review and sign all reimbursement forms submitted by committee members.

The Treasurer may make direct payments on submittal of an invoice from the supplier. The Treasurer may make advance payments on special request; however, when making a request for advance payment, the individual should research the cost of the item or service needed, and submit an accurate figure. When advance payments are made, invoices must be sent as soon as possible to the Treasurer, and if overpayment occurs, repayment must be made within two weeks.

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