Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

2-4 Secretary

General Description The person holding this office is both recording and corresponding secretary. In the former capacity, the Secretary is the chief recorder and keeper of the records of the Corporation; in the latter they handle official correspondence.

The election procedure and term of office for the Secretary are described in Bylaws (See also Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, pp 157-159 and Chapter 23.)

The secretary maintains the SCA Handbook throughout the duration of their term on the Board of Directors. They are responsible for recording and acting upon all Handbook changes recommended by the Board and seeing to it that record copies of these changes are sent to the SCA archives at regular intervals, as specified below.


  1. Assists the President in preparing a detailed agenda for Board and annual Members Meetings.
  2. Works with President to ensure Members Meeting agenda is distributed at least thirty (30) days in advance of the AGM (Bylaws V.1); including any proposed Bylaws amendments (Bylaws X).
  3. Takes accurate minutes of the Board of Directors and annual Members Meetings.
  4. Is keeper of the SCA Corporation Seal.
  5. Retains copies of reports submitted to the Board, as well as all other current records.
  6. Calls the Board’s attention to actions in the SCA’s minutes that have not been carried out.
  7. Carries on the official correspondence of the Corporation, except that assigned to the Membership Director and other Board members or chairs.
  8. Prepares and sends required notices of meetings and proposals to the membership, the committees, and the Board.
  9. Receives sealed ballots from the Election Committee and destroys them after one year from the date of the election.
  10. Sends records of the Corporation that are under the purview of the Secretary to the SCA Archives at the conclusion of their term of office. Verifies that appropriate and accurate copies of updates to the SCA Handbook have also been sent to the SCA Archives at the end of each year of their term. Provides periodic status reports to the Board about the processing and listing status of the SCA Archives at UC Santa Barbara. (See SCA Handbook: Section 1-9-6: SCA Archives for more information.)
  11. Summarizes the Board of Director meetings and annual Members Meeting and sends them to Newsletter editor according to the Newsletter deadline schedule.
  12. Maintains the official copy of the SCA Handbook.
  13. Once a year, back up SCA computer on external hard drive.

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