Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

2-4-2 Handbook Review and Update Assignments

1 Introductory Material

Section Description Individual Responsible for Updates
1-1 Handbook Introduction Secretary
1-2 Bylaws Secretary
1-3 Articles of Incorporation Secretary
1-4 Mission Statement Secretary
1-5 Core Values Secretary
1-6 Code of Conduct Secretary
1-7 SCA Privacy Policy Secretary
1-8 SCA Photography Policy Secretary
1-9 Administrative Information Secretary
1-9-1 Calendar: SCA President
1-9-2 Mailing Information Secretary
1-9-3 SCA Identity Guidelines Secretary
1-9-4 Records Retention Schedule Archives
1-9-5 Records Destruction Calendar Archives
1-9-6 SCA Archives: Finding Aid Secretary
1-9-7 Regular Assessment of Member Services President

2 Governing Body

Section Description Individual Responsible for Updates
2-1 Board of Directors President
2-2 President President
2-2-1 Leadership Seminar President
2-2-1-1 Leadership Seminar Agenda (sample) President
2-3 Vice-President Vice-President
2-4 Secretary Secretary
2-4-1 Handbook Maintenance Secretary
2-4-2 Handbook Review and Update Assignments Secretary
2-5 Treasurer Treasurer
2-5-1 Audit Procedure Treasurer
2-5-2 Budget Categories Treasurer
2-5-3 Calendar: Treasurer Treasurer
2-5-4 Cost of Membership Treasurer
2-5-5 Education Fund Guidelines Treasurer
2-5-6 Expenditures from the General Fund Treasurer
2-5-7 Reimbursement Form (sample) Treasurer
2-5-8 Reimbursement Policy Treasurer
2-5-9 Honoraria Policy Treasurer
2-5-10 Cancellation and Refund Policy Treasurer
2-5-11 Statement of Financial Condition Treasurer
2-5-12 Year End Adjustments to Restricted Accounts Treasurer
2-6 Past President Past President
2-7 Membership Director Membership Director
2-7-1 Calendar: Membership Membership Director
2-7-2 Membership Information Membership Director
2-7-3 Membership Pins Membership Director
2-7-4 Welcome Letter (sample) Membership Director
2-7-5 Membership List Membership Director
2-7-6 Membership Form Membership Director
2-8 Directors at Large Directors at Large

3 Committees

Section Description Individual Responsible for Updates
3-1 Committees President
3-1-1 Quarterly Report Format Secretary
3-2 Labor, Advocacy, and Public Policy Committee LAPP Ctte.
3-3 Awards Committee Awards Ctte.
3-3-1 Archives Appreciation Award Awards Ctte.
3-3-2 Career Achievement Award Awards Ctte.
3-3-3 Sustained Service Award Awards Ctte.
3-3-4 Co-sponsored Award: Archival Award of Excellence Awards Ctte.
3-3-5 James V. Mink Scholarship Awards Ctte.
3-3-5-1 Mink Scholarship Application Form (sample) Awards Ctte.
3-3-6 Gray Scholarship and Guidelines Awards Ctte.
3-3-7 Lynn A. Bonfield Professional Development Award Awards Ctte.
3-3-8 Advancing Equity: Graduate Education Scholarship Awards Ctte.
3-3-9 Advancing Equity: Continuing Education Funding Awards Ctte.
3-4 Communications and Outreach Committee Com & Outreach Ctte.
3-5 Development Committee Development Ctte.
3-5-1 Contribution Form (sample) Development Ctte.
3-5-2 Vendor Registration Form (sample) Development Ctte.
3-6 Education Committee Education Ctte.
3-6-1 Education Committee Workshops Education Ctte.
3-6-2 Workshop Checklist Education Ctte.
3-6-3 Workshop Evaluation Form (sample ) Education Ctte.
3-6-4 Vice-Chair for Online Education Education Ctte.
3-7 Election Committee Election Ctte.
3-7-1 Calendar: Election and Nomination Committees Past President
3-7-2 SCA Ballot (sample) Election Ctte.
3-7-2-1 Official Ballot Instructions (sample) Election Ctte.
3-8 Ethics and Inclusion Committee E & I Ctte.
3-9 Finance and Investment Committee Treasurer
3-9-1 SCA Investment Policy Statement Treasurer
3-10 Local Arrangements Committee: Annual General Meeting (AGM) Local Arrangements Ctte.
3-10-1 AGM Budget/Financial Report Format Vice President
3-10-2 AGM Local Arrangements Checklist Local Arrangements Ctte.
3-10-3 Local Arrangements Calendar Local Arrangements Ctte.
3-10-4 Site Selection Checklist Local Arrangements Ctte.
3-10-5 Local Arrangements Compensation Guidelines Local Arrangements Ctte.
3-11 Membership Committee Membership Director
3-11-1 Vice Chair for Member Activities Membership Director
3-12 Nominating Committee Past President
3-12-1 Calendar: Election and Nomination Comittees Past President
3-12-2 Candidate Statement Past President
3-12-3 Candidate Suggestion Form Past President
3-12-4 Responsibilities of SCA Officers and Board of Directors: Summary for Distribution to Nominees Past President
3-13 Program Committee (AGM) Vice President
3-13-1 Calendar: AGM Program Planning Vice President
3-13-2 AGM Program Committee Guidelines Vice President
3-13-3 AGM Session Proposal Form (sample) Vice President
3-13-4 AGM Facilitator Checklist Vice President
3-14 Publications Committee Publications Ctte.
3-14-1 Newsletter Publications Ctte.
3-14-1-1 Advertising Rates for Newsletter Publications Ctte.
3-14-1-2 Advertisement Sizes Publications Ctte.
3-15 Western Archives Institute (WAI) WAI
3-15-1 Western Archives Institute Management Committee WAI
3-15-2 WAI: Management Committee Chair & Executive Secretary WAI
3-15-3 WAI: Administrator & Vice Chair WAI
3-15-4 WAI: Associate Administrator WAI
3-15-5 WAI: Program Coordinator WAI
3-15-6 WAI: Program Subcommittee WAI
3-15-7 WAI: SCA Treasurer’s WAI Role WAI
3-16 Special Committees and Task Forces President

4 External Relations and Affinity Groups

Section Description Individual Responsible for Updates
4-1 External Relations and Affinity Groups President
4-1-1 Affinity Groups President
4-1-2 Archives Month Com & Outreach Ctte.
4-1-3 CHRAB President
4-1-3-1 Archival Award of Excellence Awards Ctte.
4-1-4 Journal of Western Archives President

5 History

Section Description Individual Responsible for Updates
5-1 The Foundation of SCA Past President
5-2 Chronology Past President
5-3 Annual General Meeting (AGM) History Past President
5-4 Awards History Past President
5-5 Board of Directors History Past President
5-6 Board of Directors: Alphabetical List Past President
5-7 Committee History Past President
5-8 Special Committees and Task Forces History Past President

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