Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

2-4-1 Handbook Maintenance

General Description

The Secretary maintains the official copy of the SCA Handbook.


  1. Records and acts upon all Handbook changes recommended by the Board.
  2. Maintains an up-to-date electronic file of the Handbook. The SCA GitHub (at https://calarchivists.github.io/sca-handbook) version serves as the master copy of the Handbook.
  3. Provides drafts of changes for Board review as appropriate. Generally these would include new policy statements or major revisions of existing sections. Minor wording and grammatical changes should be made as needed but need NOT be approved by Board.
  4. Submits revised sections to the webmaster with a “what’s new” announcement listing those new or revised sections for posting on the website.
  5. Dates and initials additions and revisions at the bottom of the last page of each section at the time such revisions are made. (See “3. Revision Information” in the Handbook Style Format section).
  6. Sends a set of obsolete Handbook pages and a set of revised Handbook pages to the SCA archives at the end of the Secretary’s two-year term.
  7. Sends a fully revised, dated and printed double-sided hard copy of the Handbook to the SCA archives in years ending in 0 and 5 (i.e., 2010, 2015, etc.)
  8. Updates the Table of Contents and Handbook Review and Update Assignments sections when additions or deletions of entire procedures are made to the Handbook.
  9. Maintains documentation to support Handbook revision workflows via GitHub; provides instruction to SCA Leadership as needed.
  10. Facilitates account permissions to contribute to the SCA GitHub repository, as related to proposing Handbook revisions.

Handbook Style Format

  1. FOOTERS – Each section of the Handbook has a footer which notes sequential Handbook sections.
  2. MARGINS - Top and bottom margins shall be 1” and left and right margins shall be 1”
  3. REVISION INFORMATION – Dates of creation and revision of text, along with lowercase reviser’s initials, shall be left-justified at the bottom of the final page above the footer. Multiple entries shall be separated by commas (i.e., 7/86 rln, 2/98 dt, 9/04 Board).
  4. PARAGRAPHS - Block format shall be used.
  5. UNDERLINING - The subsection headings within each section shall be underlined. Titles of sections are not underlined.
  6. TITLES - Section titles shall be capitalized, bolded, and centered. Subsections of sections shall be typed in upper and lower case and titled: General Description and Responsibilities. Procedures for Committees shall have the added subsection of Composition and Terms of Office.
  7. VERBS - Each item under “Responsibilities” within any section shall begin with a verb in the third person, singular, present tense (i.e. writes, sends, prepares).
  8. TYPEFACE – Times New Roman, 12 point type.
  9. CAPITALIZATION – Officer titles, committee names, Bylaws, Newsletter, Handbook, Sturgis, Members Meeting, Corporation, SCA, AGM.
  10. NUMBERING and LISTS – Responsibilities should be numbered, while other lists may be designated with bullet points.
  11. STYLE PHRASES – Write out Annual General Meeting the first time it appears in a section followed by (AGM), but then in all subsequent appearances in the same section only AGM is to be used. Used Printed program when referring to the printed or online version of the AGM program.
  12. HYPHENATION – Vice President is not hyphenated, but President-elect is.

Revision history: 10/90 nlb, 5/91 nlb, 7/91 nlb, 11/91 jab, 7/92 jab, 12/92 jab, 5/93 jab, 4/94 ppa, mpy 1/06, 6/09 jtm, 4/11 jmw, 3/12 tep, 10/22 ck

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