Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

2-1 Board of Directors

General Description

The four (4) officers (President-elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), the immediate Past President, and three (3) other directors (Membership Director, two (2) At-Large Directors) constitute the governing body of the Society, called the Board of Directors (Board).

The election procedure, terms of office, and general duties of the Board are described in Bylaws, IV. See also Alice Sturgis’s The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.


  1. The Board governs, manages, and regulates the affairs of the Society, acting on behalf of the members.
  2. A meeting of the Board shall be held with ninety (90) days of their taking office; which occurs when the president assumes office, thirty days after the annual members meeting. At least two other meeting of the Board shall be held during the year before the next annual Members Meeting (Bylaws IV-4).
  3. The Board makes final decisions on all recommendations submitted by committees, Newsletter editor, and members for consideration or approval. Items requiring the Board’s approval are so indicated in appropriate places throughout this Handbook.
  4. If decisions are required between Board meetings, a poll of all eight (8) voting members is made before acting. If this is not feasible, or if all Board members do not respond within forty-eight (48) hours, the President (or designee), Vice President (or designee), and at least two (2) other members of the Board need to respond in order to approve the action before it is undertaken (based on the quorum needed for official action in Bylaws V.3). When such votes are taken, a summary of the action shall be made by the President. The Secretary shall incorporate the summary in the minutes of the next meeting. The Board members polled must confirm their vote in writing, to be received by the President within two weeks of the vote, in order for that vote to be considered valid and binding.
  5. After considering aspects of privacy, the Board may grant public access to Society records.
  6. The President is an ex-officio, non-voting member of all standing and special committees, except the Nominating Committee. Each other member of the will serve as a liaison to at least one standing or special committee. As liaison, the Board member:
    • a. Provides the newly-appointed committee chair with a copy of the previous chair’s quarterly and annual reports and budget.
    • b. Informs committee chair of Board decisions.
    • c. Reminds committee chair to send budget projects, quarterly reports, and final reports to the President prior to Board meetings
    • d. Reports to the President and Board on committee activities and making recommendations as needed.
    • e. Requests copies of any committee mailings, minutes, or meeting notes.
    • f. Attends committee meetings at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  7. It is advantageous to have at least one member of the Board in attendance at Society-sponsored events and workshops to represent the governing body of the Society and observe it first hand.
  8. The Board sponsors receptions and welcomes new members in other ways.
  9. The Board members are reimbursed for travel and lodging costs (but excluding meals) incurred in attending Board meetings other than those associated with attending the Board meeting held in conjunction with the AGM. For the Board meeting held in conjunction with the AGM travel is not reimbursed, but one night of lodging at the conference hotel rate may be reimbursed. To minimize Society expenses, the board meetings should be held in the most economical locations.
    • a. SCA mileage travel reimbursement shall conform to the IRS tax code, and shall be changed accordingly when a new amount is announced.
    • b. Board members may also request reimbursement for photocopying, telephone calls, and postage used for Society business and for other expense with Board approval.
  10. It is part of the Secretary’s duties to maintain and update the Handbook. The Secretary will distribute copies of revised pages to each member of the Board. (See Handbook Maintenance, section 02-04-01.)
  11. The Board, in consultation with the Site Selection Committee, selects AGM sites and dates and provides for their publication to the members.

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