Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

1-9-7 Regular Assessment of Member Services


In order to ensure that SCA remains a relevant and effective professional resource for archival professionals in California, and continues to meet its mission of supporting professional development for its membership and advocating on behalf of archival programs in the region, the Board will oversee a regular assessment of member services every ten to fifteen years. The assessment should examine the state of SCA and its membership in light of recent developments in the archival profession and broader environment, analyzing how these developments impact SCA and its membership. The final product of the assessment will recommend priorities for immediate future directions to the SCA Board of Directors.


Periodically throughout its existence, the Society of California Archivists has charged a task force with the responsibility to answer the question, “Where do we go from here?” The first was the Committee for the Eighties, which conducted its surveys in the early 1980s; in the late 1990s the Task Force on Outreach and Organization was formed and just over a decade later, the Task Force on Strategic Planning was commissioned and presented its recommendations at the 2013 Annual General Meeting in Berkeley.

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