Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

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SCA Identity Guidelines

These Identity Guidelines are intended to help board members, committee chairs, and others developing creative content for SCA maintain graphic continuity on our website, in the SCA Newsletter, and in other print and online applications. The logo, letterhead, and other files can be downloaded from the “Members Only” section of the SCA website.


The SCA logo can be included on internal and external communications. The logo is available with blue, white, and transparent backgrounds in numerous file formats.

Color Logos

The color logo should be used whenever possible, especially on the website, the newsletter, and professionally printed materials like official signage and AGM programs.

The black/white logo can be used on stationary or in other contexts where color is not feasible or desirable.



Aller is used for the “SCA” and “Society of California Archivists” text in the logo. It should primarily be used for headlines, has a free license, and is available for download from the “Members Only” section of the SCA website.

Body Copy

Georgia and Helvetica should be used for body copy in print and online.

The use of Georgia can impart a classic and formal look, but the serifs can also be difficult to read in some applications.

The use of Helvetica can impart a modern and clean look, but Helvetica can also look plain in some design contexts.


SCA’s letterhead can be printed in color or black/white. Templates for both versions can be downloaded from the “Members Only” section of the SCA website.

Color Palette

Primary Colors

Pantone 532 C Pantone 7579 C
C: 80% M: 72% Y: 54% K: 61% C: 0% M: 80% Y: 94% K: 0%
R: 36 G: 39 B: 51 R: 240 G: 89 B: 42
Web: #242733 Web: #F0592A

Secondary Colors

Pantone 1797 C Pantone 7569 C Pantone 7541 C
C: 14% M: 94% Y: 79% K: 4% C: 7% M: 50% Y: 86% K: 0% C: 4% M: 2% Y: 3% K: 0%
R: 202 G: 50 B: 61 R: 231 G: 145 B: 62 R: 241 G: 242 B: 242
Web: #CA323D Web: #E7913E Web: #F1F2F2

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