Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

1-9-2 Mailing Information

Permanent Mailing Address

Society of California Archivists

1050 W. Alameda Ave.

Mailbox# 126

Burbank, Ca. 91506

General Description and Use

The address noted above serves as a permanent mailing address for the Society.

The address should be used as the postal return address for the SCA Newsletter, workshop fliers, membership brochures, and other Society publications, brochures, and other mailings.

Membership inquiries and applications (not membership renewals), exchange newsletters, and other general correspondence and communications should be directed to this address. Mail will be sorted and forwarded to the appropriate individuals.

Mail intended for specific officers, Board of Directors members, and committee chairs should continue to be addressed to those individuals, not the permanent mailing address, unless the current office holder or chair is not known.

Registration for workshops, the Annual General Meeting, and other Society events; newsletter submissions; membership renewal notices, ballots; surveys; and similar mailings should be addressed to the responsible Committee chair or designee, not the permanent mailing address.

Management of the Permanent Address

Starting in 2023, the incoming Vice President will manage the permanent address and will continue to manage it when they subsequently serve as President and Past-President. The person in this role will be referred to as the mailing address manager. The 2026 incoming Vice President will be the next assigned to manage the permanent address.

SCA reimburses the mailing address manager for all expenses incurred in the fulfillment of the responsibilities described below. Expenses include postage, stationery, photocopying, mailing labels, telephone calls, and rubber stamps.


  1. Checks the SCA mail box at least twice a week and acts on the contents in a timely manner. Time dated or urgent materials should be forwarded immediately. Membership forms and publication orders may be accumulated and forwarded weekly. Advertisements, junk mail, and oddities may be forwarded or discarded, at the discretion of the manager. Other mailings are forwarded to SCA officers, directors, committee chairs and/or newsletter editor as appropriate.
  2. Responds to general inquiries regarding SCA, provides membership information/brochures when requested and directs inquiries to the appropriate board, chair, or committee member.
  3. Contacts the Membership Director to check on and correct member contact information (address or phone number) when SCA mailings are returned as undeliverable from the post office. If mailing information can be corrected forwards mail when possible.
  4. Provides itemized list of expenses, with receipts as possible, to the Treasurer, using the request for reimbursement form. The Treasurer will include this expense as a separate item in reports to the Board of Directors.

Change of Address

Members are responsible for informing SCA of any change of address. Returned mailings will not be forwarded unless a new address is provided by the post office on the returned item. SCA is not responsible for determining new address unless informed by members. Change of address information will be forwarded to the Membership Director.

Foreign Mailings

SCA mailings (e.g. newsletter, workshop announcements, etc.) to foreign destinations must be placed in an envelope to assure proper delivery, otherwise they will be returned by the post office.

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