Handbook of the Society of California Archivists

Handbook, Bylaws, and Policies

1-4 SCA Mission Statement

The Society of California Archivists, Inc. exists to support and develop the education of those who collect, care for, and provide access to the documentary heritage of California and adjoining areas and to encourage public interest in and public support for archival facilities in public and private institutions.

To this end the Corporation shall:

  1. act as a vehicle for dissemination of information about archival collections, issues, and methodology to the profession and the public;
  2. provide a forum for the discussion of matters related to the creation, preservation, and use of historical documents;
  3. develop, offer, and support archival education programs;
  4. cooperate with individuals and other organizations on matters of common concern;
  5. and advocate the identification, collection, preservation, use and appreciation of historical records and manuscripts.

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